3 Steps To Learn English Faster

 there are 3 easy steps that any student can take to accelerate their English learning. These steps produce faster results and a more enjoyable learning process.

1. Focus On Input, Not On Output


Most English students and teachers focus on language output- on speaking and writing activities. Yet, research shows that the key to excellent speaking is actually input-- listening and reading.

To learn much faster, students should spend most of their time on input activities. They should listen to understandable and interesting English audio as much as possible.

Using this method, listening skills will rapidly improve. Surprisingly, speaking also improves more quickly when students focus on listening rather than on speech practice.

2. Stop Studying Grammar

Analytical grammar study simply does not work. Countless research studies show that grammar study is ineffective and inefficient. Yet, grammar-based activities form the bulk of instruction at most schools.

Grammar is best learned naturally and intuitively through meaningful input activities. Listening to correct grammar repeatedly is the best possible way to improve-- not by studying grammar rules. Learning grammar subconsciously in this way has been shown to be the fastest method for improvement.

3. Repeat More And Go Slowly

A surprising key to faster learning is to go more slowly. In schools, students often rush through their textbooks. As a result, they never learn the material deeply. Nothing is mastered. The material never leaves short-term memory.

Research shows that constant repetition and review produces faster and better results. Students should repeat audio lessons, for example, as many as 50 times before moving to the next lesson.

This kind of repetition produces deep learning that forever remains in long-term memory.

source:  http://www.webwire.com

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