4 advices how to learn English

Here are my 4 advices how to learn English. Hope you`ll like them.


  1-  Watch a film on your national language, try to remember every dialog. If it`s necessary watch it for the second time and then download an English version. The main thing is to be attentive! This is the best way to learn everyday phrases.

   2- Turn on TV, find an English channel, take pen and a paper and try to write down the information given in the creeping line. It will be difficult for the first time but finally you`ll do that! Helps to write quickly and correctly. Pay attention to your spelling! Then translate written information using dictionary.

  3-Of course you`ll have to learn grammar and read books with or without the help of teacher.

4- Finally, I think the best way of learning English is to talk with the English, of course systematically. This will give fantastic result in a short time.

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