4 ways to increase your business English vocabulary quickly

1-Test yourself and Group words.

a)-Cover the English words with a piece of paper and write the translations if you     can.  Then look at the German translations and check your answers.

b)-Read the article and check how to learn the English words.

c)-When possible, group words which are connected in meaning to help you build     your vocabulary range:

2-Remembering the names of things - Sticky notes or Post-It notes.

Look around your office.  What do you see?  What do you use regularly? 

Put the notes on the things you use (for example, put a note with ‘TELEPHONE ‘ written on it next to or on your telephone.) Read them aloud every time you pass them.  When you can think of the English name without having to read it, you can remove the note.

3-Describing ideas, processes and actions - Make you own personalised  dictionary – Excel table (or book)

For 1 week (one month, if it is convenient) monitor the words that are important for you in business.  Every time you use something, say something or write to someone, decide which words are important for you to learn in English. Then write the words down (in your language), or type them directly into an Excel table.  Once per week, take a dictionary, or on-line translation tool (You can find several with Google, e.g. Leo.org or Babylon.com) and translate the list of words (When I do this to learn German words, I find that 5 words per day is an achievable target – I’m quite lazy, so I’m sure you can translate 10 words .

4-Activate your English with real-time practise and knowledge sharing

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