Adverbs are words like tomorrow, daily, badly, once and too. They tell us more about other words, especially verbs.
  • The child smiled sweetly. (The adverb sweetly modifies the verb smiled.)
  • She walked slowly. (The adverb slowly modifies the verb walked.)
  • He talked politely. (The adverb politely modifies the verb talked.)
Sometimes adverbs modify adjectives.
  • It was a very important question. (The adverb very modifies the adjective important.)
  • You are so sweet. (The adverb so modifies the adjective sweet.)
Adverbs can also modify other adverbs.
  • He walked very slowly. (The adverb very modifies the adverb slowly.)
  • She sang extremely well. (The adverb extremely modifies the adverb well.)

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