how to learn english : the best tips ?

1-Dictation is a great way to improve your listening skills and your spelling. Ask a friend to read a few paragraphs of a book or newspaper . Write what you think you hear . Compare what you wrote with the original text .

Learn English by reading, listening, studying and asking questions , practice what you learn in speaking and writing .
If you are young , live for one year in an English speaking country . It's much cheaper if you do an exchange ( accept someone come to your home while you live with them).

If you can dream in English , this means that you are fluent , but not that your English is perfect.

  3- Get anglophone friends.
If you are targeting the United States , locate literacy programs available in your area (they are often free ) , learn a trade and do your best to have English-speaking friends . Americans love people with the mindset " I can do it! " . In Britain , modesty and practical skills will be more assets.

Learn about the culture of Anglo- Saxon countries.

Find an English-speaking person who not only speaks English, but can also teach . Learn grammar and vocabulary using visual, auditory and vocal methods . Vary the cycle and hold interest.
Children can enjoy learning in the kitchen while drinking a chocolate after school.

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