How to learn English

A guide to learning English* really well
In today’s world, hundreds of millions of people want to learn English. Most of them sign up for English classes. Unfortunately, typical English classes are not an effective way to learn English. They produce very slow progress, espe­cially after you reach the interme­diate level. Most learners, after years of attending classes, cannot speak English without making a lot of mistakes in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
I believe that if you want to learn English well, you cannot wait for your teacher to put knowledge into your head. You have to take charge of your learning. This guide shows you how you can do it in a fun and effective way. 
1.    Motivation ~Become a person who likes to learn English.
2.    Dictionary ~Get a good English dictionary and use it all the time.
3.    No mistakes ~Avoid mistakes. Try to use correct English from the beginning.
4.    Pronunciation ~Learn to pronounce English sounds. Learn to pay attention to the pronunciation of English words. Practice from time to time.
5.    Input ~Get English into your head by reading and listening to lots of English sentences. This is the most important part!
6.    SRS ~Get an SRS application. Add English words and phrases to it. Use it 

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